The time I ran away from home

This last weekend, I finally did it, I ran away from home. I packed my bags, kissed my kids and husband and got in the car and drove away.

Well, kinda, sorta. Technically, my mother in law drove away with me in the passenger seat. Then we picked up some delicious macarons from my sister's house and drove back to my mother in law's house so I could begin decorating for a bridal shower the next day. But seriously, this was a much needed and appreciated vacation. The bridal shower was for my cousin in law, Hana, and it was a lot of work. (The shower will be it's own upcoming post) After decorating until late at night, and the next morning and all the cooking and prep, I was finally able to relax, enjoy a bottle of wine and check my Facebook.  To my surprise I see that my husband posted a picture of my daughter, at the beach...  
holding a sand shark!!! What?! So this is what happens when I'm not around. 

I text my husband and jokingly told him, if he wanted to, he could leave me at his mom's house for another night. I honestly didn't think he would be up for it. You see, we are never apart, especially on the weekends and he is never alone with the girls. Like, ever! But, to my surprise, he was having a great time without me and was all for picking me up the next day. At this point, I just feel relief. I am so glad that they were all having a wonderful time without me, because I was having such a great time without them!

I am grateful for a lot of things from this weekend. I was able to spend time with my nephew and niece and was up until 2 a.m. talking with my sister in law, Tricia. BTW, a big huge thanks for the therapy session Tricia, everyone needs that once in a while, but I definitely needed it! 
Here's Tricia and I drinking wine out of plastic cups with paper straws. 
Sunday morning I awoke to, "Mija... Mija... Mija... Mija..." and then I realized that my Mother in law was talking to me. I opened my eyes and saw my handsome nephew smiling at me. 
My mother in law then says, "I am going to go pick up some breakfast burritos, do you want bacon or sausage?" 
(She may as well have sung those words to me, because it was like heavenly music to my ears) 
I reply, "Bacon. Thank you." 
"Okay Mija, we'll be back, coffee is on."  
(again, there's that music) 
As I lay there, opening my eyes, I realize she opened the window behind me so I was able to feel the fresh morning breeze. Then my senses start to awaken, I start to hear the sounds of the fountain just outside, the birds chirping away and the roosters crowing in the distance. I laid there feeling more relaxed than I had in many, many years. 
Honestly, I felt like I was at a spa on a farm (the roosters), I was even able to have my hair color touched up by my hairdresser/sister in law. What more could I have asked for? Lol! 

Thankfully, my husband realized how much this meant to me, and how much I needed a little break. After 4 years of never stopping, I think we could all agree, that for my sanity, and in turn, theirs, we will be doing this again. Even after getting back into the routine today, I noticed that my girls missed me and were on their best behavior all day, and I was so rested, and felt so re-energized that I was in a fantastic mood. 

Thank you to my husband Mark, my Mother in Law Maricela, Sister in Law Tricia, Brother in Law Bill, and all the kiddos for loving me enough to let me run away from home. :)