Yummy Ramen Chicken Salad

This is my first attempt at food blogging or recipe blogging, so here it goes. This is a super easy recipe for yummy Ramen Chicken Salad, this does not last longer than two days in my house. Everyone keeps going back for small servings and before you know it, it's all gone.  The other day I was craving this salad, and it just so happened that I had all ingredients on hand, yay! As I started pulling ingredients out, I thought, "Hey, I should take pictures and maybe blog this."  So, here I am, too bad there is no more salad left. 

1 package of Ready to eat Cole Slaw
1 cup of Oil  (Corn, Canola, Olive, Vegetable, any work just fine)
1/2 cup of Rice Vinegar (which I always pick up when I am at the dollar store)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 packs of Chicken flavor Ramen (flavor packets and noodles)
Small pack of slivered almonds
Small pack of sesame seeds
Shredded Chicken if desired

Step 1: Empty cole slaw into large bowl
Step 2: Toast slivered almonds and sesame seeds (I always burn mine, but they still taste delish) and add to cole slaw.
Step 3: Add Oil, rice vinegar, sugar and chicken flavor packets into small bowl and whisk together
Step 4: Crunch up Ramen noodles and add to Cole Slaw
Step 5: Add chicken and dressing and mix it all up! 
There you have it! So easy! This is such a great side dish to take to a party or a bbq, it's really refreshing.