Mid-August means Halloween prep time!

Halloween is such an event at our house, I love it, my husband loves it, my parents get into it, and that means the kids love it also! All year long Lacey would randomly ask, "So what do you want to be for Halloween?" I always knew I would be the mom to make my children's Halloween costumes, here are their costumes from the last 3 years. 

Halloween 2009
This was not only the first costume I ever made, this was my first attempt at sewing more than a blanket.  My little 10 month old Lacey made such a cute Lion! 

Halloween 2010

For Lacey's 2nd Halloween, she was an Owl, and she was not alone. Our  youngest daughter Alexis was born a few months prior, which meant I now get to create TWO costumes! :) For her Owl costume I found this picture online and fell in love with it and had to recreate it. 
Lacey really loves her costumes, she will proudly wear them any day of the year. 
For Lexie's 1st Halloween I made her an Octopus. So as I searched for costume ideas, I found this picture online and recreated it with the extra pieces of fabric I had laying around.  
Of course she was only 3 months old at the time, so the only way I could get pictures of her costume, was while she sat in her lovely little Bumbo. 
This was the trick or treat bag that I whipped up the night before Halloween! Luckily for me, Owls were super popular at the time, and I found my inspiration on this site. I cheated and took the easier route and used fabric glue to attach all of the detail, and again, I just used whatever scraps I had laying around. 
Do you see why we chose the Owl for her costume and a few months later as her birthday theme? Look at those eyes! 

Halloween 2011
My pretty little bees! During this Halloween, we decided to take the girls to Disneyland for the first time. We wanted to go for the Halloween event, but not so close to Halloween, so I whipped up these costumes in the first week of October. 
We were watching the parade at Disneyland when I started to bawl my eyes out! It was such a magical moment watching my girls experience the magic of seeing their princesses come to life in front of their eyes, singing the songs they know and love... their faces just made my heart so happy. 
The girls were also black kitty cats for one of our Halloween events that year. We attended the trick or treat event at the circle in Orange, CA. 

Here is Lacey with her Aunt Melinda dressed as a penguin. 
I was mommy cat for Halloween...

And Nana cat with little black cat Lexie! 
As the girls get older, Halloween is becoming more and more fun for me! I know one day they will ask for some trendy store bought costume, but until then I get to have all the fun and enjoy every minute.
This is one of the Luigi hats I made for a Super Mario party. I made about 15 Luigi and 15 Mario hats. This was a pretty fun project, I thought I'd add it to the Halloween post since  it can be part of a costume. 
This is an Owl Onesie that I made for my cousin's baby niece, it came out really really cute. This was a quick and easy DIY costume, It was just a onesie with the petals sewn on in alternating patterns. It's a really easy costume to make for an infant, because costumes can be such a pain for them. They are either uncomfortable for them, or for you who has to hold them, or too hot, it's always something when you have an infant, but with this costume, it's just like everyday. Fun!