Lacey's 1st birthday bug party

This was just the beginning of my "party planning." I have to use what I have, and my "hook up" resource is PAPER!!! My dad is a printer, so when I am planning anything, I try to figure out what I can DIY using paper... So, for Lacey's 1st birthday, which happens to fall 2 weeks after christmas, I was 4 months pregnant, and to top it off we all had the stomach flu!! So, everything was kind of put together really quickly in about a week... I don't have many pictures, but I think it came out pretty cool.  
These are some of the over sized bugs that I cut out of large sheets of paper. They were all over, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, spiders dragonflies, caterpillars and snails. 

As you can see I cut the paper to resemble blades of grass, and cut out many many flowers using my new cricut machine!

I also made headbands with antennas for the kiddies to wear!
These looked much nicer in my mind, but didn't come out the way I had planned. But, for a kids party at the time, it was acceptable. They were giant chocolate cupcakes with gummy worms. I didn't get one complaint from the kids!
Lacey's 1st birthday banner... She is wearing her butterfly wings, and Miss Spider is sitting right next to her.