Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010, my girls were still really young. Its kind of difficult deciding on what to have the girls dress as.

So, I made Lacey an owl costume. The story behind that was that she was not yet 2 years old and learned what an owl was, without me knowing. (probably from an episode of Dora or Diego) And one day she kept saying, "Ow!" And I would ask her what's wrong, and she just kept saying it, and then I realized she was saying, "Owl!"

And as for Miss Lexie, she is really difficult to figure out. She was a really tough baby, she was very clingy and needy and whiney... (& I know your not supposed to compare, but Lacey was only 18 months older And was really a delightful baby) and so for Halloween she was only about 3 1/2 months, and since she was born in July that makes her a "cancer" so we tended to lean towards sea creatures when picking things for her... anyways, I made her an octopus costume. I liked It, however, she couldn't really sit up yet, I should've thought of that before.  :)