#MissingLink In Theaters April 12th!


Last weekend me and my girls were lucky enough to screen #MissingLink, a new film from LAIKA studios starring the voice talents of Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana and Zach Galifianakis. We are HUGE LAIKA fans, with Coraline being a favorite of ours, so we were really excited to see what LAIKA had in store for us. #MissingLink did not disappoint, we laughed our way through most of the film, which also had a ton of heart and of course a little bit of a life lesson thrown in for good measure. I’ll be very honest, a particular theme that stands out to me now is when there is a strong female character being represented and #MissingLink has that with Adelina, voiced by the phenomenal Zoe Saldana.


So, I have to say I had the best time last weekend. As you can see, I got to meet Mr. Link as well as Adelina and Sir Lionel Frost.


Sitting in on interviews is always a blast! It’s such a privilege to be able to ask and hear answers directly from the source.

When asked what do they want the audience to take away from the film?

Director Chris Butler said, “…I think the theme of the movie is fellowship, or friendship. I think oftentimes kids movies are about family, and I think it's also important to say that family can be about friends. Family's something you can choose too. A big thing for me, a big message for me in it is that your identity is formed by yourself, and it's not put upon you by others.”

It couldn’t be explained any better than this, which is the way it should be, especially coming from the one who had the idea in the first place, as he said, it all started with a doodle and some of his favorite things from his childhood. It must be incredible starting with just an idea, putting in many many years of work, and finally being able to see it all come together on the big screen. Missing Link is in theaters this Friday, April 12th.

Check out the AMAZING artistry that goes into the characters that LAIKA creates. If you were to look at Coraline and then watch Missing Link, you can definitely see all of the advancements that the graphics department and animators have gone through, throughout the years.

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So, then that happened and we got a little picture with me and Zoe Saldana, who is basically just my new best-friend. Just kidding, but I am a HUGE fan of hers and everyone involved in this film. This one is perfect for the whole family, #MissingLink hits theaters everywhere April 12.
Get your tickets now! and check out the trailer below.

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