Merry Grinchmas and Happy Wholidays!


Merry Grinchmas and Happy Wholidays! Oh my gosh, this is my most favorite time of year at Universal Studios Hollywood. Nothing will get you into the holiday spirit more, than entering Whoville and seeing that big beautiful 60 foot tall Grinchmas tree. 

For the last 4 years we have visited the Grinch during Grinchmas. He has never once disappointed us. Each year has been memorable and well worth the 1 hour wait! Our first year, the Grinch told my oldest to try and be naughty and not as nice, just for fun. Our second year, he grabbed their pony tails and posed for that photo above. I told my girls, you must have really been stinky if even the Grinch thought so. Last year, our third year, The Grinch talked to my girls for a few minutes before posing with them and this year, he tried to steal my daughters Bunny.. and told me to grow up and learn how to take a real photo, instead of the selfie I asked for. 


The fun part of the whole Grinchmas/Whoville Wholiday Wholibrations! Is that the entire plaza is transformed and there is so much fun to be had. My kids are always up for a fun scavenger hunt and the one in Whoville ends with a fun little prize. 


There is pretty much constant entertainment, with performances and the reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Cindy Lou Who. The Mayor of Whoville and tons of other Whoville citizens walking around the entire time ready to talk with you and pose for memorable photos. Not to mention how kind and sweet and in the holiday spirit every one is. 

Don't forget to visit the Tree Lot, where you can decorate an ornament and hang them on a tree in the lot or bring it home (like we did!)

Make sure to check in to the Whoville post office, where you can fill out a post card with 3 good deeds that you pledge to do, in order to grow your heart, get it stamped and send it. Universal Studios will donate books to your community. 


There are also fun sweets and treats and you can't forget to take a picture with Max. 


We re-watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas the night before our visit (It's on NETFLIX right now), so all of Whoville was really fresh in their minds and it was so much more fun for them. They loved meeting Max in person. 


Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood, is just one of my favorite parts of the holidays. We make so many memories in this one plaza, transformed to Whoville for the season. The Wholiday Wholibration is a must see, must experience for the whole family. Not to mention all of the other stuff Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer, like Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Fast and the Furious Ride, Minion Mayhem, the list goes on and on. 

Get out and make your memories!