A Very Happy Birthday to Me and YOU at Medieval Times, CA! (Giveaway!!!)

Another year has come and gone, and I am a year older, it's true. Last year we began the tradition of attending Medieval Times for my birthday and this year was our best visit yet because we got to go behind the scenes. Even though it is my birthday, I am giving YOU (my readers) a present! Lucky you! How would you like the chance to win a 

Family Four Pack of Tickets to Medieval Times

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Before I get into all of the fun details of our behind the scenes tour, let me just say Thank you to Medieval Times for allowing us to visit before the doors opened to the public and providing us this amazing opportunity. 

Naturally, with my two daughters in tow, our first stop on our tour was the dress up area where guests can dress the part of a princess or prince or king or queen to have a souvenir photo taken.

Those are some happy princesses in front of the green screen. 

Our next stop, the horses of course! These beautiful Andalusian horses are so incredible up close, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. 

I am a little bit intimidated by horses, it's probably just the city girl in me, but my little girls are not afraid. They felt so special being able to feed the horse and get close enough to pet them.

We walked in on this rehearsal behind the scenes of two knights preparing for the show. I was so impressed by all of the knights, they rehearse and train every day for 5 hours prior to the show. And just so you know, they have two shows almost every day of the year. That's a huge commitment for these knights and most of them come from very little experience with horses. When you watch the show you can see just how much hard work goes into being knights. 

Now, of course, this was the coolest part for my husband. He got to check out all of the weapons! All of the weapons are very real, big, and authentic to the time period. It is amazing that the knights fight with them while riding the horses. 

Here is another behind the scenes shot of some awesome knightly rehearsal. I have to admit it is really fun to see the knights out of character for a bit before the show. 

The fun starts from the moment you walk in the door of the castle of Medieval Times this is when you get to see which Knight you will be cheering for. My husband prefers the green knight, his favorite since he was a kid. 

If you have never been to Medieval Times I warn you, the four course meal is delicious, but there are no utensils. You eat with your hands, it's fun and messy and you will love it! 

The show is amazing, the story, the cheering, the horses, the knights, the falconer, the princess, the battles and the meal. All of it makes for a very memorable evening. 

My daughters cheered their hearts out hoping to win a rose from our Green Knight and were less than thrilled to see another young lady receive a crown from the princess. Haha! 

Even though they didn't win a rose, we had so much fun cheering on our knight as he won! 

Okay, so let's get down to it. Now, that I've filled you in on all of the fun at Medieval Times, go ahead and enter to win a family 4 pack! 

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