LA County Fair now Open Sept. 1-24th! #DaretoFair


I can’t believe this is my 4th year covering the LA County Fair food preview. I have to admit it’s one of my favorite events. I love getting together with friends while we stuff our faces with the most delicious and interesting fried foods imaginable. Over the years I have tried the Krispy Kreme burger, Ramen burger, deep fried pizza, deep fried bacon wrapped pickles, bacon wrapped chicken and pretty much everything in between. My favorite to this day, is the BBQ Brisket Sundae.


What you're looking at right there, is a Krispy Kreme-Fried Chicken-Ice Cream Sandwich, topped with fruity pebbles of course. I know it doesn't sound good, but it surprisingly was. The flavors worked. It was messy for sure and I couldn't eat a whole one, but just like most of the fair food it's better when it's shared. 

Each year, the food evolves, some might even say it get’s kicked up a notch or two with each passing year. This year, you’ll be sure to find all things pretty and unicorn-esque. Get ready for Unicorn Cotton Candy (that lights up) and Frozen Unicorn Cotton Candy coated Kettle Corn, yes frozen. It is served to you after being dipped in liquid nitrogen at a lovely low temperature of -321 degrees Farrenheit. Not only is it bright and pretty, it’s cool and crisp and a really unique take on kettle corn. Oh and that right there is a Cotton Candy Ice cream sandwich. You'd think it would get more melty and sticky and I'm sure by the end, it will. But it was really really really good and held its shape longer than I expected it to. 


This is a deep fried funnel cake. I know funnel cakes are deep fried already, this is a funnel cake stuffed inside a burrito, with apple pie filling, and then deep fried again... and topped with more yummy goodness. 

This was DELICIOUS! They said, deep fried peanut butter. That's all I heard and I was not so excited. But, when I cut into it, I found the most delicious, tasty, tender, turkey meatball


Oh and get ready for flaming hot everything. Flaming Hot Pizza, Flaming Hot Corn Dog, Flaming Hot dusted Elotes… this year, the LA County Fair is going to be going through truck loads of Flaming Hots and if that’s your kinda thing, you will love it.


Oh and this... this delicious masterpiece was Waffle Fries topped with BBQ Brisket, cheese sauce and sour cream. It was delicious.

The food options at the this year are pretty incredible. You will find food combinations that you couldn't have even thought of in your wildest dreams. And, because it's the fair and it's only once a year, and the theme is #DareToFair, you might even try eating a chocolate covered rhino beetle.  No? Is that just me? What about Cricket Tacos? I dare you! 


The LA County Fair isn't only about the food. There are concerts, rides, exhibits, games, a Giraffe named Stanley and fun memories to be made.  Check out this post here for a way to get your kids to Read for Rides. The LA County Fair is offering ride tickets to kids who complete book reports. And check out their site below for more ways to save on admission during different days of the week.