Summer is here Southern California! Knott's Soak City is Now Open! #KnottsSoakCity

Okay, so technically we are 1 month away from the official start to Summer. But here in Southern California, do we follow any of the rules? Especially when it comes to the weather? No way! This past weekend we had the most perfect weather for the opening day of Knott's Soak City water park. As much as we love our beloved Knott's Berry Farm, this was our first time at Soak City- and we loved it! 

We've only heard great things about Knott's Soak City and when we heard they were undergoing some renovations we were so excited to check it all out. This year you will be able to experience a 2 acre expansion! That's a lot of expanding and with that there are 7 new slides, a newly renovated Longboard's Grill and a bunch more seating. 

These two little girls were so excited to put their bathing suits on for the first time this year. I had to hold them back to slather on the sunblock before letting them run to the water. 

I think what I loved most about Knott's Soak City was that everything was relatively close. All of the slides are built up, so there is not much space to get lost in between. As a Mom, I appreciated that there wasn't much space for the kids to wander away and at the same time, never felt over crowded. 


What's New?

Two new slide towers with 7 new slides, now open for everyone to enjoy! 

  • Shore Break - A high speed free fall down a 60-foot tall slide and through a series of exhilarating drops and daring loops. Additionally, Shore Break offers two dueling tube slides which will have riders zipping through adventurous drops and turns as they soak up the warm summer sun.

  • The Wedge will take families - up to six riders - on an open-raft ride as they descend down navigating hair-raising twists, turns and unexpected dips.

My little ones are not confident swimmers. If you were to ask them if they know how to swim, they will say yes, but the truth is, they only learned how to stay above the water on the last day of swimming last year. So, yes, they will be taking swim lessons this Summer. But here's the thing, your little one doesn't need to know how to swim to enjoy Knott's Soak City. This was one of my concerns for sure, but once I was there my concerns floated away (see what I did there?) Knott's Soak City has plenty of life preservers and inner tubes available.

You can't forget the lifeguards. They are EVERYWHERE! But, in a good way. You definitely notice them the most at Sunset River, Soak City's very own 1/3 mile Lazy River. Lifeguards constantly stroll and never not once take their eyes off of the water. 

As time goes on I know I'll be waiting for them at the bottom of the giant new slides, but for now, my little ones definitely enjoyed the lazy river and smaller areas. I like that it builds their confidence in the water. 

Oh the cabanas! They are such a nice relief from the heat. There are plenty of shaded areas around and lounge chairs to call yours if you get to them first. But, the best place to call yours for the day would be one of these cabanas. They easily fit 8 people and have a crew to bring you food if you choose. Reserve your cabana ahead of time by clicking the button below.

Let's not forget the food. You have to eat right? Oh and man do kids build up an appetite when they're swimming and having fun. Along with the expansion, Knott's Soak City has opened up the newly remodeled Longboard's Grill. We were there for breakfast and lunch and I'll tell you right now, the breakfast burritos were DELICIOUS! They have a brand new layout inside and offer all the classics: burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps, salads and fish and chips. You'll also find a new shaded outdoor seating area right next to the restaurants entrance.

This kid was pretty tired after a long day of fun at Knott's Soak City! The temperature is warming up and the kids are almost out of school, you have from now until Labor Day to enjoy all of the new fun that Knott's Soak City has for you and your family. Click below for more info.