Spring is here... and so is the Knott's Berry Farm #BoysenberryFestival!


Guess what time of year it is?! It's Boysenberry Festival time at Knott's Berry Farm! To be fair, every single time I visit Knott's Berry Farm I say that it's my favorite time of year, but we have so much fun throughout the whole year. Every single season is memorable! 

Open daily from Friday, March 16th – Sunday, April 8th

Today, I'm talking to you about the Boysenberry Festival. This is our 3rd year attending and we had the best time eating our way through the park and trying all of the creative dishes that the Knott's team has come up with. Every year is something new. Our first year, our favorite food was the fried alligator with Boysenberry Aioli. Our second year, our favorite was the Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs. This year my girls each had a different favorite and I kinda love that the Boysenberry Festival is an opportunity for them to expand their palette and try something new. 

Tasting Cards


The best way to try all of the food options is to purchase a tasting card. The tasting card costs $30 and covers eight select food items. You can either try all eight items or mix and match up to eight tastings. You can also buy them a la carte throughout the park without. Tasting cards are available at Knotts.com or in the theme park.

Note: Each serving is easily shareable between two people, however for a family, I would at least buy 2. 

Boysenberry Food

Check out all of the foods we tried in the slideshow below:

The low-down on the new food items for 2018:

  • The boysenberry quesadilla made with a boysenberry-infused flour tortilla, served with boysenberry salsa, boysenberry sour cream with cotija and mozzarella cheese. **LACEY'S FAVORITE**
  • Boysenberry pierogies served with sautéed onions, Applewood  bacon and boysenberry whipped cream.
  • Slow cooked boysenberry short ribs, the juicy meat is smothered in a boysenberry hoisin sauce served over butter basmati rice and completed with chopped green onions. **MY FAVORITE**
  • The all-new  boysenberry boba tea which consists of boysenberry milk tea and chewy berry-soaked tapioca balls served over ice.
  • A new vegetarian/vegan option, boysenberry hummus served with pita bread and prepared with garden-fresh boysenberries.
  • The boysenberry elote, lightly grilled corn is smothered in fresh boysenberry butter, mayo and perfectly topped off with cotija cheese
  • A grilled boysenberry sausage on a baked roll topped with boysenberry ketchup, mustard and relish.
  • Scrumptious shareable, boysenberry coconut macaroons, dipped in a decadent chocolate ganache. **LEXIE'S FAVORITE**

Make sure to grab a map of all of the Boysenberry Festival goodies and entertainment. 


While checking out the beer and wine tasting area, we snacked on this delicious little platter of fruit, cheese, crackers and nuts. 


Knott's Berry Farm is where memories are made. These are the pictures that I love to look back on years later and talk about how much fun we had. "Hey remember that time we went to the Knott's Boysenberry Festival and we ate a Boysenberry Elote?" 


The seasonal merchandise is some of my favorite. I love seeing people walk around with shirts saying "I'm just here for the food!" Spring time is all about Boysenberry everything. Don't forget to pick up your very own Boysenberry Plant or stop by the Berry Market and pick up your choice of Boysenberry anything and everything. A few of my favorites is the Boysenberry syrup, jam, punch mix, BBQ sauce and cotton candy.


A little Boysenberry History for you:

The historic boysenberry is a cross between a loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry and is named after its originator Rudolf Boysen. The Knott family was the first to successfully harvest and sell the boysenberry on the land that is now known as Knott’s Berry Farm.


Get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring time here in Southern California. Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival is Open daily from Friday, March 16th – Sunday, April 8th.