Just Another National Day #NationalSingleParentDay

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I’m a HUGE fan of National days. In fact, when they started to become more popular, I thought that I would create an app that would remind you ahead of time what National day was coming up and where to score deals or how to celebrate and so on. So, if that has still yet to be created, I’m saying it now, it’s my idea. Trademark.

Today is #NationalSingleParentDay. This is one of those National days that I never thought would apply to me, you know like #NationalGrandparentsDay or #NationalGingerDay, I don’t know. I just never thought it would be me. When I got married all those years ago and started raising my babies, I never thought I’d be doing it alone.

And technically I’m not. I am lucky enough to have my parents. They have been amazing grandparents and part of my team, when it comes to raising my girls. I am so grateful for all of their help. My girls love them and they love my girls. I definitely feel fortunate and blessed to have backup the way that I do.


I’m also grateful for my partner in crime, my best friend is an awesome Father who raised really good kids, who are now awesome young adults. The advice that he offers is invaluable, he gives me insight that I never had before and even if he’s harsh and blunt with me, I know it’s helping to make me a better Mom.

Nobody said it would be easy. You can’t be their friend when you have to be their Mom AND their dad at the same time.

Whenever I hear stories of single moms raising incredible people and doing amazing jobs, I don’t feel like I’m part of that club. I guess as a Mom, you never feel like you’re doing enough or doing things right. But I sure as hell am trying my best and my girls are doing just fine. They’re not perfect, but they’re fine and I guess I am too.

Let me keep it real:

There have been times that I wake up early and make them an Instagram worthy lunch and there are times when I hand them a semi-toasted Eggo and wish them a good day. There are days that I completely nail french braids on Alexis and there are days that Lacey goes to school wearing mismatched socks. Sometimes I don’t have an extra $5 for after school snacks and sometimes I rally my gift cards and spoil them with Starbucks Vanilla Bean frappuccino and a cake pop.

Either way, I’m doing it. I might have to practice their spelling words while we rush out the door, but we still managed to watch a cartoon, paint our nails and sing super girly songs in the car. I am trying my very best to be everything for them and I know that I’ll fail. But! If failing is what I’m doing, as long as my girls leave me notes like this, I’m good.

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If you even think about correcting their grammar in this note, you will be sorry! Yeah, I’m that Mom too! Do not mess with my kid. Note: I already corrected their grammar.

If you’re in this crazy boat with me, then cheers to you. #NationalSingleParentDay