Make it a Movie Night #FrightAndDelight


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One of the best parts about my girls growing up is sharing with them things from my childhood. I love to tell them about the games I used to play, sing along to old songs and quote lines from my favorite movies. I feel like I've been waiting for them to be old enough to really appreciate the movies that I loved so much. So, this Halloween season I've been bringing out some of my favorites.  The time has finally come for them to be introduced to some of the classics and of course, the only way they can be properly introduced is with a movie night.


I know that technically, you can just bring out a movie and press play. But, isn't it so much more fun to make it a movie night? And even better yet, a themed movie night? Today I'm sharing some fun little tips on how to take your movie night to the next level, and with what you probably already have on hand.

First of all, you're going to need the Halloween movie of your choice, I mean, you can't have a movie night without the movie. As far as everything else is concerned, luckily I found everything I needed while doing my movie night shopping at Albertsons. The Halloween Fanta packaging kinda just jumped out at me or at least I felt like they were watching me. They feature Noma Bar designs inspired by Universal’s new Mummy and their other classic monster characters. (Which reminds me, it's about time my girls watch the Mummy movies. Next movie night.)

Don't you just love Fanta? They are my go-to whenever I'm in the mood for something colorful and fruity, which makes them perfect for our movie night. Also, there was a huge sale when I went and obviously everyone was stocking up. 


My other movie night essentials were Pop Secret Popcorn and Red Barron pizzas. Once I had everything in my shopping cart, that's kinda when it all hit me. I will need to make a fun Popcorn bar and these pizzas will have to be turned into their very own pirate ships. Yes! My movie night took off from there.


To bring it all together I drew skulls and movie quotes on clear cups and had my girls design their own pirate flag.  The cups, I did free handed by looking up some images and quotes.


TIp: The secret to my cool pirate flag? I googled on my phone, placed a paper on top of my phone and traced it with a marker. Easy, right?

I kinda felt like a genius for thinking of it. For my girls, I just let them go to town at designing their own pirate flag. Either way, makes for a fun activity adding to your movie night. 


And, I think I have ruined my kids when it comes to popcorn. All it took was that one time that I said, "Let's mix some stuff in our popcorn!" Now, every single time we pop our popcorn for a movie night, we end up raiding our cabinets trying to find some fun stuff to add to our bowl.

Really, everything goes well with Popcorn, you can go crazy with additions. We used: Pop Secret Popcorn, chocolate covered Raisins, Mini Marshmallows, Fruity Ring cereal, fish shaped crackers, candy eyes and honey roasted peanuts.

Did I inspire your own movie night ideas? I hope so. Check out Fanta on FacebookInstagramTwitter for more fun ideas.