Delicious BBQ at Grasslands Meat Market


Okay, so is it just me or does it seem like food is a bigger deal nowadays? I mean food is so much prettier now and because we, now as a culture document what seems like every meal we eat. Meals are memorable now, they're a big deal. Especially if the meal tastes as good as it looks. Which is why, today I'm telling you about Grasslands Meat Market in Anaheim. 


Before you scroll through all of my yummy food pics, did I ever tell you that I went for 6 years without eating meat? Yup. It was when I was a teenager and honestly, I couldn't even imagine not eating meat now. Now, I love meat. All meat. Mmmm.... meat! Okay, okay, here we go. 


Grasslands Meat Market has celebrated its one-year anniversary just in time for summer - the official season for barbecue. At Grasslands you can get your BBQ fix with their signature BBQ platter, brimming with a delicious selection of meats and choice of sides. 

Let me tell you a little bit about what we ate and drank. First of all, we started with a nice, strong, Iced Tea from Long Island. Haha! The bartender got two thumbs up from me because, whoa. 

The appetizer we chose was a Shredded Pork Poutine bowl. Oh this was delicious. The potatoes, cheese curds, shredded pork and table side gravy had so many flavors and could most definitely be a meal on its own. I mean, coming to Grasslands, their meat is the star of the show, it's true. But, you know how when sometimes you don't want a whole meal and just want to share an appetizer and have a couple of drinks? Do you have those days too? 


After looking at the menu, I wanted to try everything. So this is what I did, I ordered pork ribs, beef brisket, and shrimp. See what I did there? I got a little bit of everything. 


Grasslands Meat Market is dedicated to serving top quality, globally and ethically-sourced meats. Focused on the art and science of meat preparation, Grasslands prides itself on distinctive flavor profiles and unique offerings. 


Oh and I can't forget the sides. The Mac-n-Cheese and grilled veggies were delicious. I am a Mac-n-Cheese snob, because according to me, I make the best Mac-n-Cheese. This one was really good and side-note, I love the presentation of the meal. Oh and the veggies! They were perfectly grilled and even had that smokey, grilled flavor. Yum!  


And of course, we couldn't leave without digging into some dessert. We had a double creme brulee this evening and each chocolatey, vanilla bite was scrumptious. Grasslands Meat Market is located at the Anaheim Garden Walk, basically right across the street from Disneyland. This was our first time strolling through Anaheim Garden Walk and we loved it.  I'm just putting it out there, it's a really nice spot for a date night. 

Grasslands Meat Market | BBQ & Churrasco

400 West Disney Way, Suite 199, Anaheim, CA


Su-Th -  4-10 p.m.

F-Sa - 4 p.m.-Midnight

Free parking available at GardenWalk for first hour, validation provided for second hour.