Ghost Town Alive! This Summer at Knott's Berry Farm

Summer has just begun and already we're having way too much fun! Guess what's back this Summer... Ghost Town Alive at Knott's Berry Farm. It is definitely one of our family's favorite times of year at Knott's Berry Farm and it just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't been in a while, it's time to come back and not only check out the fun, but be a part of all the fun! 

The best part of Ghost Town Alive is that the whole family can get involved. As the citizens of Ghost Town come to life, the entire town becomes interactive. It's really hard to resist, as you can see above, even my husband got in on the fun. 


Okay first things first, upon entering Ghost Town you definitely need to pick up a copy of the Calico Gazette. This is where you will find out what's happening in town. Although, I guarantee, there will be someone around to fill you in and even give you a task. Throughout the town, you can walk in to the Barber shop and get a mustache, wander in to the Sheriff's office and color your own Wanted poster, sit in the school house for a quick lesson, or say hello to the horses and donkeys at the stable. 

 My daughter fell in love with with Brutus. I mean, how could you not?

My daughter fell in love with with Brutus. I mean, how could you not?

And so much more... While we were walking though town we learned that someone that was wanted for robbing the bank was captured and being brought in on the train. It was all very intense and everyone in town was involved. 

This summer, the story continues a year after the notorious Mayfield Gang escaped the custody of Sheriff Wheeler. Word around town is the Mayfield’s have been spotted back in Calico and the townsfolk are in need of some help in capturing the bandits and keeping the town safe. Ghost Town Alive! will offer guests a firsthand experience to play an important part in this unfolding story of the wild west, with specific tasks and activities and an essential role as an honorary citizen of Calico.

Oh the shows! Let's keep it real for a minute. I love the shows for two reasons. 1. It gives me a break from standing in line for a ride and we get to sit enjoy something we wouldn't normally see. Like Snoopy as a Magician!  2. All shows provide some relief from the Summer heat! You will find shade or air conditioning for a period of time and gives you a chance to refresh yourself for the rest of the park. 

This year is the debut of Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue, a jaw-dropping magic show starring the World’s Most Famous Beagle, Snoopy and showcasing the mystifying and amazing magic of Magician Extraordinaire Greg Wilson! The whole PEANUTS GANG will amaze and confound with their magical exploits and lavish musical production numbers in this family friendly show! And who knows, guests might find themselves part of the act!

You can catch Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue has several showtimes throughout select dates, now through August 20 in the Charles M. Schulz Theatre. (Dark Wednesdays)


Oh and definitely count on ending your night watching the circus under the stars on the Calico Mine stage in Ghost Town. “Circus of Wonders” is a 30 minute action packed show! Honestly, I was surprised at what a production it was. The lighting and pyrotechnics along with the Trapeze, Tightrope, Aerial Acrobatics, Trampoline, and of course, clowns.

Don't forget the Wild West Stunt Show and the Calico Saloon Show, all in Ghost Town, and at the Wagon Camp Stage, get krazy with Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. Oh! and the nightly hoedown is so much fun!  This is the kind of thing your kids will be talking about forever. 

Guests can experience Ghost Town Alive! and much more with a 2017 season pass.

A Knott’s Regular Season Pass includes unlimited 2017 admission to Knott’s Berry Farm and a Gold Season Pass includes unlimited 2017 admission to both Knott’s Berry Farm and the newly expanded Soak City Waterpark with six thrilling new slides and an all new family raft ride.

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Thank you to Knott's for inviting us for Family Media Day. All photos and opinions are my own.