Try this Fast and Nutritious Breakfast #FuertesconLeche

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When I was growing up, there was no exception to what we drank with our meals. We had a glass of milk at every meal that we sat down to, it was just the way things were. Now as a mom, I am doing my best to do the same for my girls. They may not have milk at every meal like I did, but other than water, milk is the only drink they are allowed to have at the table. 

It's a big responsibility as a parent to make sure that our little ones get the nutrients that their growing bodies need. Because, let's face it. If it were up to them, they would live off of a diet of cheddar fish and fruit snacks. It's important for kids to get protein at every meal, especially breakfast.  Did you know that milk has 9 essential nutrients in each glass? Milk is a natural source of high-quality protein and it doesn't even need to be served in a glass. It's so easy to add it to your meals, especially since you always have milk on hand. 

Today I'm sharing with you a favorite go-to recipe for a nutritious protein packed meal. Trust me you have all of this in your home already. 

Easy Breakfast Frittata


4 eggs

1 cup of milk

1 cup of cheese (I used a chedder/jack mix)

1/2 cup chopped turkey/ham or any other meat of your choice or none at all

1 cup chopped mushrooms

1 tbsp butter or olive oil

1 cup spinach

To be honest, you can add anything you want to a breakfast frittata. The possibilities and combinations are endless! Chorizo, peppers, onions, bacon... seriously, go crazy with it. 

  1. Start by sautéing your mushrooms and turkey in a tbsp of butter or olive oil. Once the mushrooms start to brown, add in the spinach and cook for another minute or so. 
  2. Don't forget your salt and pepper. I prefer more pepper than salt, but that's just me. 
  3. Whisk your eggs and milk together. 
  4. Pour the egg/milk mixture over the cooked meat and veggies. 
    *I used a 8 inch cast iron skillet. Any skillet will do. 
  5. Sprinkle your cheese on the top. 
  6. Cook, covered on medium-low heat on the stove for about 10-15 minutes. 
  7. I check in every 5 minutes and run a spatula along the edges and tilt the pan to help the egg mixture from the middle cook more evenly. 

Tip: Adding 1- 8 ounce cup of milk to the egg mixture is an easy way to add an extra 8 grams of protein to the breakfast. 

Everything you see here has nutritional value. This meal is definitely protein packed and you can easily have your picky eaters choose their favorite meat/veggie options to help meal time run more smoothly. 

I like to top with sour cream and pepper and of course, a glass of milk on the side. This breakfast can be prepared, cooked and eaten all in under 30 minutes. Which makes it an easy weekday breakfast option. Studies have shown that eating a nutritious breakfast helps kids focus and concentrate at school and an 8 oz. glass of milk contains 9 essential nutrients, including B vitamins for energy, protein for lean muscle, vitamin A for a healthy immune system and bone-building nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D. Our kids deserve the best we can give, so let's start with breakfast. 

Milk life Lo Que Nos Hace Fuertes campaign has introduced us to their latest milk advocate Chef LaLa. Chef LaLa is a classically trained chef and certified nutritionist who runs her own high-end catering business. You can find some of the delicious recipes that Chef LaLa has created with a Latin twist for both moms and kids at Fuertes con Leche

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