Feelin' Good and Ready for Summer!

Last year, as I was going through major life changes, I started losing weight. I wasn’t trying. I wasn’t depressed and not eating, in fact, usually I’m an emotional eater and turn to food for comfort. I started losing, just because I was feeling better about myself. So then, the Summer came around and the person I was spending most of my time with started to talk about the Keto diet. I had done Atkins when I was younger, I knew I could go along with Keto, and it was going to be so much easier to do with a partner.

I won’t be posting a before and after picture, because although I do have one, I’m not nowhere near ready for that. I will however, own up to my newly found confidence and post a full body picture of myself that I’m proud of.

This is how I lost 40lbs in a year.

20180930_143939 (1).jpg

It’s common knowledge that when you first start dating someone you tend to gain weight. Mostly because a lot of the dates that you go on, are to go out to eat. For me, it was exactly the opposite. We would go out and order one plate and share. We still do this. I found it to be much easier during the Summer, because we BBQ’d all the time and I would just eat leftovers for lunch. We would agree on a cheat day, usually when it was a day we knew we’d be out and about for the day, every now and then our cheat day would turn into a cheat weekend. But that was mostly because we didn’t like to waste food.

I was doing really well and staying pretty strict for a few months and I finally started to notice the weight loss. Then, the holidays came around. I told myself, I had 15 lbs to lose by the end of the year. That was my goal.

But I didn’t step on the scale once and ate without really thinking. So, here we are in March and I finally stepped on the scale. To my surprise. I was at my end of the year goal. I did it! I did it without trying.


I notice that I just eat differently now. When we go out for fish tacos, my absolute FAVORITE, I don’t eat the tortilla. Yup, I’m the one you see eating my fish tacos with a fork and I’m so good with that. When we order a big-ass burrito, I eat the insides only.  If we are in the mood for a cheeseburger, we get one, but we order one and cut it in half, and most of the time, we end up eating only the insides. Whenever I take my girls out for pizza, their favorite, it drives them absolutely crazy, but I am perfectly happy, just eating the toppings and leaving a sad piece of crust laying there on the plate.

So now, I have to set a new goal and I am kind of excited about it. I have to admit, it’s so much easier when you have a partner who you can ask, “What did you eat today?” The accountability is so different when your partner turned down french fries for lunch and you admit that you ate a rice bowl. Guilt goes a long way.

These are just some of our favorite foods we enjoyed over the Summer. So much good food. I can’t wait for SUMMER!

Disclosure: Although I do tell everyone I know that “Keto” is the way to go. I am far from being an MD, I’m only telling you what has worked for me.