Exploring the Big Wide World Around Us! #PeepEnEspanol

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One of my favorite parts of being a Mom to two little girls, is also being their first teacher. I have taken my role very seriously from the start. I would count and say the alphabet in English, Spanish, French and ASL to my girls when they were newborns and was the mom doing flashcards with my 9 month old. I don't know how much of that actually helped them get to where they are now, but I do know that I enjoy teaching them new things.

Before I became a mother, I swore I would not let my kids watch television for more than an hour a day. Well, that went out the window very quickly, but I soon discovered that are some really awesome educational shows that they could learn from. One of the shows my daughters discovered on Netflix is Peep & the Big Wide World. Of course, like anything else, once they watched the show, they wanted to know everything about it. So we went online to

Peep & The Big Wide World

and found so many fun resources.

Peep & the Big Wide World fills a void that a lot of preschoolers (ages 3-5) experience by helping to develop science inquiry skills in fun and creative ways by observing, making predictions, and problem solving in the world around them. The Emmy Award winning show, narrated by comedian Joan Cusack, stars a wide-eyed chicken named Peep, a robin named Chirp, and an endearing duck named Quack. They live in a large urban park a place of endless wonder, adventure, and mystery – perfect for learning science and math concepts each and every day! 

One of the categories that you can explore on the Peep website is Animals & Plants. For us anything involved with going outdoors is what we are all about. Whenever we walk home from school, we point out the flowers, bugs, and animals we see and always bring home a leaf. On this day, we decided to gather them. Our normally 15 minute walk home, turned into an hour and a half of exploring. 

A Find and Gather Nature Walk

is a great activity that helps your kids open their eyes to the world around them. It's also the easiest activity to do with your kids because all it requires is heading outside and going for a walk. We also took a basket to carry our findings and a magnifier glass to get a better look at the details. While on the walk, we pointed out all of the different types, sizes, and colors of the trees and flowers. We were also hunting for shapes and found some bushes that were perfect rectangles and ovals. Once we were home, we sorted through all of the flowers, leaves, sticks and rocks and talked about our favorites and why. 

A new mobile-friendly bilingual

Peep & the Big Wide World

website launched on November 3, 2014 and engages both English and Spanish speaking preschoolers by using fun activities. The new educational content is also tailored specifically for the fast growing home-based childcare educators, a group typically underserved when it comes to professional development and educational resources, especially for science education. 

The one-of a kind online professional development and year-long curricula with six, 3-week long units provides effective resources to integrate science and math into curriculum and boost confidence in teaching these subjects in both English and Spanish. Now go check out the Peep & The Big Wide World Website, remember it's mobile friendly.