Eat LA: Mama Churros Y Mas in El Sereno

I love my little town of El Sereno. I have been meaning to highlight some of the local places to eat around here and today I am sharing with you the delicious Churro Ice Cream Sandwich from Mama Churros y Mas. Located on the very busy Huntington Dr., it is easy to pass right by while on your way, but a big sign saying Churros and Chicken caught my eye and called me in.  

Drooling yet? The Churros are fresh, crispy yet soft and have the perfect cinnamon-sugar ratio. And to make it even better, they sandwich two churros with creamy french vanilla ice cream in the middle. 

The churro ice cream sandwich is gaining popularity really fast and rightfully so, because YUM! But this was the first place that I had ever heard of this delicious creation and I've been meaning to stop by to try it out for a while now and today I finally did. If you are a churro lover and have stopped by Mr. Churro at Olvera Street, then you will find these churros to be familiar, since they have the same owner.

Mama Churros y Mas also has other items on the menu, but besides the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, they have a delicious crispy fried chicken plate (under $5) that comes with a side of churros and syrup to dip.  

I will have to go back and try some other desserts that Mama Churros has to offer, because they are really on to something delicious here. The restaurant has a cafe feel and offers some outdoor seating as well as fun art on the walls inside and a piano in the corner waiting for a musical guest.  

I recommend stopping in for a snack or dinner and dessert if you get the chance, pull over and order up one of these delicious churro ice cream sandwiches and dig in! You will not regret it. ENJOY!