Let's Teach Our Girls to Be Confident in Their Beauty

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When I first began blogging, 5 years ago, I had no idea where this road would take me. This post is sponsored and part of my journey, however all opinions are my own. Back then my girls were just little babies and in the years since I started this journey they've grown into little ladies. Of course, they're not the only ones who have changed, I've changed too and so has my outlook on the world. Now I begin many of my posts by saying, "As a Mom to two little girls..." and that's because I've realized that my responsibility as Mom is changing and growing with them each day. 

One of my goals as a Mom is for my girls to grow up confident and strong and feeling beautiful in their own skin. They are slowly entering a very scary world filled with body shaming and bullying. I want them to be able to stare that in the face and confidently hold their head up.

When I was growing up, I looked different than everyone else around me, including my own mother. My mom had short, straight, dark hair, with dark skin and dark eyes. I, on the other hand, had long, curly golden brown hair, with light skin and light eyes. My hair was a definite struggle for me to get a handle on. My Mom would brush my hair in the morning and by the end of the day, my curls would pop out and poof I had a lions mane. As I got older, I would pile on the hair gel just to attempt to keep the curls down and most of the time it resulted in a goopy mess on my head. The problem was that not only did I have uncontrollable curls, I also had a lot of long, thick hair. I was a mess all the way up to high school when I finally tamed my mane when I discovered a blow dryer and curling iron. 

These are my beautiful girls. They may look like they have similar hair, but if you were to get your hands in there, you would notice their differences. My older daughter has thinner, straight hair and my youngest has a ton of thick hair, that is wavy when left to dry naturally. Of course, they also like to wear their hair differently. My older daughter loves to leave her hair down and my youngest needs her hair to be up off of her neck at all times. 

Lately my girls have started to recognize the differences between my hair and their hair. You see, I have long light brown/blonde hair that I have finally learned to tame after many years, into either straight or curly and of course, in my girls eyes all they see is Rapunzel.

I want them to grow up loving their hair and their look as they begin to figure out their style. It's my responsibility as their Mom to help them love everything about themselves, including their hair. This is why I love Dove™. Dove™ sends a message of confidence to women of all ages, starting with even the youngest of users, like my girls. Dove™ Hair has broadened the definition of beautiful hair to include all types and textures of hair. This is exactly what a Mom of little Latinas needs.
Did you see my little video? Isn't this a great message to send to your little ones? You can easily make one of these video clips for your daughter by visiting this #LoveYourHair easy generator that Dove™ has put together. Let's do our part and spread the message that we are all beautiful and so are our daughters.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove™.