Disney's Zootopia Opening this Weekend!

Disney has done it again. They have brought animals to life in the new film Zootopia! I know my kids are not the only ones counting down the days for the release of Disney's Zootopia. In fact, they have had March 4th circled for months now. But you know me, I like to throw them off their game, so I surprised them with a screening a week early.

 I will admit, I didn't know much about Zootopia. I had only seen the previews once or twice and besides the Sloths, I loved  hearing Shakira as a pop singing Gazelle. Other than that, it was kinda exciting going into a movie screening and not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! The story line was fun and adventurous and the characters are great. P.s. As much as I love Ginnifer Goodwin, I REALLY LOVE Jason Bateman, so I loved hearing him as the voice of Nick Wilde. 

As a mom to two little girls I really appreciate the themes behind Zootopia. Not only does it discuss equality across species, but the main character is a bunny named Judy who does not give up. Disney did a great job at creating a strong female character for little girls to look up to. The story follows Judy as a little girl bunny who does not take no for an answer, breaks down barriers, and never quits.

It's not only about a strong female character, Nick Wilde's character touches on the subject of being bullied and overcoming obstacles. I know, I make it sound so deep for a Disney movie. But, hey, I'm just telling you like it is. It's also super funny, action packed, suspenseful, and even made us all jump at one point. Don't you just love that about Disney?

Disney's Zootopia opens in theaters everywhere on March 4th!

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