It's Time to Be Wicked! #Descendants2 on DVD August 15th!

It seems like we waited all Summer for the premier of the Descendants 2! And now, just as we are getting ready for back to school, Descendants 2 is being released on DVD- Tuesday, August 15th.  This works out perfectly for us, since my girls have a pretty early bed time, so having their favorite Summer movie on DVD will give them a chance to watch it when they're done with homework and chores.  Oh and how perfect would this be for a Back to School sleepover?!

We had a little movie night this past Friday. Check out these fun food ideas. 

If you're in the mood to make your movie night even more fun, print out this Descendants 2 Trivia Quiz. Can you answer these? I did pretty well myself, but that's probably because I kinda love the Descendants. I know I'm not the only Mom out there that gets a kick out of watching these movies with their kids. 

Oh! and the charms inside the DVD are everything to these two little girls of mine. They come in the DVD and there is one for each main character. So which one is your favorite? I kinda love Uma. 

And this backpack... so fly! We are so ready for our first day of school tomorrow. 

Don't forget Disney's Descendants 2 is out on DVD everywhere Tuesday, August 15th.