Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA is Coming to LA! (35% off Inside)


I think I may be one of the last people around to not have been to a Cirque show. It sure does feel that way. Lucky for us here in Southern California, Cirque du Soleil's latest, greatest show Luzia- A Waking Dream of Mexico is coming to Los Angeles and Orange County next month and early next year. I was treated to a media preview last week and I was blown away by the sneak peek. I can only imagine how incredible the entire experience is going to be under the big top. The visuals, the colors, the music, the lighting and the story is only the backdrop for the amazing artists that perform to tell the story. I can't wait to see the show in it's entirety. 

We were able to preview a special performance of the Cyr wheel, Football Dance acts and a beautiful song sung by a Spanish singer of LUZIA. 


The Football dancers, Laura Biondo and Abou Traoré both come from different parts of the world, but share a love for football that goes back to their childhoods. Falling into the Freestyle Football lifestyle has led them both to performing all over the world, and now in Los Angeles as a part of LUZIA. 


Cyr Wheel Artist, Angelica Bongiovonni is a native Angeleno and is so excited to have her family watch her perform here in her hometown. Angelica began her career at a young age as a trapeze artist and gymnast. After an injury early on in her career, she tried the Cyr Wheel act and fell in love with the art.  LUZIA challenges the Cyr Wheel artist to perform on a rotating stage and in water. 


LUZIA highlights Majo Cornejo's beautiful voice with a score ranging from classic music to pop, with accents of bolero and salsa. She performs 18 songs throughout the show all while accentuating the acrobats’ physical feats. Majo’s strong stage presence and her wide singing range and capacities guide the audience through an emotional journey.

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Opens Dec 8 in Los Angeles & February 21st in Costa Mesa.

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