Candytopia! The Sweetest Addition to Your Summer Bucket List!


Last month we had a little bit too much fun when we had our Spring Break remix. We traveled all over Southern California checking out some of our favorite spots and it all started right here in Santa Monica at Candytopia!  What exactly is Candytopia? Well.. it's kinda like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory has come to life and is Instagram ready. 

Yes, there was statues and entire rooms made out of candy. 

Yes, there is candy for you to sample in every room.

Yes, there are so many photo opportunities.

Yes,  you will have so much fun! 


I kinda don't want to spoil each and every room for you. I kinda want you to be surprised. But, I couldn't get away with sharing some of my favorite pictures, which included this one down below of my girls swimming in the Marshmallow pit. Yup, I said it. My girls swam in a pit of marshmallows. Okay, I did too. We had a blast and you should too! 


Candytopia is up and running in Santa Monica, CA until July 4th! So get your tickets now and head over there for some sweet, picture worthy fun!