31st Annual Bug Fair at NHMLA

One of our favorite places in all of Los Angeles is the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. It's a Los Angeles classic, it's a tradition and it's also, always changing. If you think you are going to visit and see the same old Dinosaur bones from when you were a child, you're wrong. This weekend, May 20-21st, you can visit the Museum and check into the Bug Fair too! 

We're such big fans of bugs! It's actually really weird how much we love bugs. Last year was our first time visiting and we had two goals in mind. We were going to hold a bug and eat a bug. We did both. As soon as we walked in, we were able to hold a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. It was probably one of the creepiest things I've ever done, but I knew if I wanted my daughter to do it, I would have to do it first. So I did. 

See, it was worth it to see that smile. She felt brave, she felt proud, she felt adventurous. Isn't that how we want all of our kids to feel.

We then moved on to the eating of the bugs. It was actually really cool, they had several cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend and we were able to try cricket trail mix. Another one to check off the list, another story for my girls to tell their friends, another memory we made as a family.  Yes, eating bugs as a family is memorable. 

The City Nature Lab is actually probably our favorite places at NHMLA. I think that we are always so fascinated because it talks about our city, the city we love, Los Angeles. 

Last year we got to meet Andy Harkness the author of Bug Zoo. We love this book so much. If you haven't checked it out for your kids, this is a good one. P.S. Andy Harkness will be there again this year. 

Here is just some of the on-going fun you can look forward to:

  • Pop-up performances in the gardens
  • Bug Hunting in the Pollinator Meadow with the Museum’s horticulture staff
  • Build-a-Bug in the Nature Gardens
  • Critter Crowns in the Nature Gardens
  • Terrarium Building in the Nature Gardens
  • Impromptu ‘Keeper Talks’ about live in

NHMLA has fun events and new exhibits all year long. Make sure to keep up with them on Facebook for updates.