Behind the Scenes at the Aquarium of the Pacific

One of my favorite places for our family to visit is the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We've been here several times before on our own and on school field trips, but this trip was a extra special. On this day, we were celebrating my daughters birthday and took the behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium. 

The behind the scenes tour gives you an inside look at how much work and preparation goes into running the aquarium. I thought it was really interesting to find out that the majority of the work is done on volunteer basis. Much of the information shared during the tour is facts about sea life and the aquarium itself. 

The best part of the behind the scenes tour is going up to the top of the aquariums and seeing the tanks so full of life from up above. Not only is it such a cool perspective, the guides also allow you to feed the fish too. That was definitely the highlight for my girls. 

My highlight of the tour was getting to see all of the quarantined sea life, just like the sea horse above. We got to see and touch shark eggs, watch the tiniest practically microscopic baby jelly fish and watch a crab look back at us. 

Even if you don't do the behind the scenes tour, all of the touch tanks really make it pretty memorable for the kids. Touching moon jellys, sharks, and rays is all pretty cool. I mean, when else can you say you touched a shark? Oh and don't forget hand feeding the Lorikeets, that's always a good time. 

There is always so much going on at the Aquarium of the Pacific so make sure you check times for 3d films, character photo ops, and Q&A with the divers and handlers. The behind the scenes tour is available to everyone for an additional price and can be purchased ahead of time or at member services just inside the Aquarium. 

Tip: Don't skip the Lorikeet Forest and keep an eye on the time so you get there when they are hungry. 

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