Be Bold! Be Brave! | 11 Latinas who made U.S. History

I’ll admit that when I was raising two toddler daughters, I didn’t give it much thought to the impact the world would have on them. I was thinking about diapers and bottles and dressing them as cute as possible. I know it’s shallow, but it’s true. Then came the time when they started talking and learning and I realized that my responsibility to my girls went beyond teaching them how to talk and walk and use the potty. Suddenly it hit me that the world is at their fingertips and I need them to Be Bold! and Be Brave!

I don’t remember ever being told that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I just remember being told that I was smart and that I should have the best grades and so that’s what I did. When it comes to my girls, I want so much more for them.


I need them to know that the possibilities are endless for them and I am so grateful for the resources that are now available. Check out this brand new bilingual children’s book, Be Bold! Be Brave! by Naibe Reynoso, that will inspire the next generation of Latina leaders in science, medicine, politics, sports, journalism and art.

Be Bold! Be Brave! presents the true biographical stories of these outstanding women in rhyming verses, young readers will easily follow their journey to success. Some of the women featured include Antonia Novello (first female Surgeon General in the U.S.), Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space), Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) Rita Moreno, and Selena.


Be Bold! Be Brave! is Published by Con Todo Press  and is available this #InternationalWomensDay March 08, 2019 on Amazon (kindle format.) The hardcover is now available on Amazon pre-order, and will be released April 18, 2019.

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