Back to School Blues

We have been back to school now for almost a month and it has been a very interesting start to this school year. This is the first year that both of my daughters are at school full time, that's 6 hours. My youngest has just started Kindergarten and she LOVES it. She adjusts well to most situations, she makes friends easily, she knows how to follow instructions from the teacher, and although the learning part of school is not her favorite she learns without trying. 

My oldest on the other hand has always loved school. She LOVES to learn, she always has. She is a super smart kid but this year she is definitely struggling. For the past two years, Preschool and Kindergarten, she has always just waved goodbye and had a wonderful day. The past two years have been fun and easy for her, just one week into Kindergarten she was reading! 

This year however, is not the same. I picked her up on the first day of school with a big smile on my face and a "Hey how was your day?!" She walked over to me, with a very serious face and said, "You need to change my class!" I couldn't believe these were her first words to me on her first day of school.  Apparently she was upset because she was not allowed to use her brand new sparkly pink binder. She then fought with me over homework, (yes, homework on the first day) because she just didn't want to practice writing her name 30 times. I have always loved school and so has she, I was heart broken that we had a horrible first day. We moved on to better days until... day 10. 

On day 10, my little lady came home and didn't say much until we sat down for homework time, she just burst out in tears. First, she told me that she missed me. But I know that wasn't true, she's not that attached to me at all, in fact, she's very unattached. She then told me that she got in trouble because she didn't write her little r the right way. Trouble? For incorrectly writing a letter? I know my daughter, I figured she got "in trouble" because she reacted poorly to being corrected. She thinks she knows everything and she has a hard time accepting the fact that she doesn't. I didn't understand, and after I consoled her we just said that the next day would be better. The next day was not better. My husband dropped them off that morning and when he came home he said that my little one happily walked to her class and my oldest bawled her eyes out and had to be walked to class by the principal. What?!

For the next few days, she cried a little bit every morning before school. I know my daughter, she is very emotional and her mind is older than her age. She is a 6 year old who worries about everything. Now not only was she crying, but she also had a permanent upset stomach. I always joked that my little worry wart would be the kid with an ulcer, but I didn't really want that to be the case. 

Keep in mind, while all of this is going on with my oldest, my youngest is receiving an award in front of her entire school, making friends and having the best day, every day. And, as for me, well this whole time I have been on such an emotional roller coaster. I am so happy for my youngest and worried sick and concerned about my oldest. 

I finally met with her teacher because I wanted to mention to her that she was having some stomach issues. She knew immediately what the problem was. The whole little r incident had finally come to light. Her teacher explained to me that she was held in from recess for two days so she could work with her on writing her little r. Her teacher, is tough and not very soft spoken, but very good and in the long run, exactly what my daughter needs. But, try and explain the big picture to a 6 year old, it doesn't go over well. 

Now that I know what's going on in the classroom and I have met with her teacher, my daughter is finally starting to relax a bit. It's the hardest thing in the world to watch your child have a hard time with something that is mostly out of your hands. My husband and I talked about switching classes, and he even suggested I write in a journal about the feelings I was having regarding my daughter and her situation. I didn't expect this and I guess you never really know how to prepare for these things, but I'm just guessing this is only the beginning. Did I mention she hasn't made any friends yet either?Her classes these past 3 years has been very male dominated. Just a handful of girls to a class full of boys and my little lady is just not very social. 

Well, parenting is definitely getting increasingly difficult and I am trying my best. All I want to do is raise two strong, confident, brave young ladies and the many white hairs on my head can already tell you it is not going to be easy. Wish me luck. 

Do you have any helpful tips? Have you dealt with something like this?