2017 Holiday Gift Guide- What's Under our Christmas Tree!


Let me start by saying thank you for being here. Without you, my readers, my followers, I would not be able to run this site without all of your support. So, thank you.

Throughout the year I have worked with so many amazing brands, companies and studios that have been generous enough to send gifts my way. Now, whether or not it's the best idea to stock pile them in my closet or not, that's what I do. I save them for Christmas. Well, guess what time of year it is. It's Christmas!! Not everything you see here was gifted to me, some of these are what I have chosen to give my girls and other family members. So in case you need some last minute gift ideas, here are some of the gifts that will be under our Christmas tree this year. 


DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree

My 7 year old loves everything miniature and of course, LOVES DreamWorks Trolls. She lives in her imagination and loves to play so this is perfect for her and anyone else who loves to play. 


Okay, so when it comes to buying gifts, all I ever want to buy them is books. I loved books when I was their age. So I searched for a few favorites from when I was younger. Thank you Amazon for having these classics.


Last year the big gift my daughter asked Santa for was a Baby Alive doll. This year, I met with Hasbro at #WeAllGrowFamilia and fell in love with Baby Alive Snackin' Luke. How cute is he? 


More books! Last week I spent two days at DreamWorks Animation Studios learning all about their new Trolls: The Beat Goes On! coming to Netflix early next year. We love DreamWorks Trolls! 


My girls watched the new Ghostbusters movie recently and LOVED it! When the big toy books started coming in the mail and they saw this Ghostbusters LEGO set, it went on the list. I got it here for a great price.  


This was top on my daughters list this year. She LOVED the My Little Pony movie and when the studio sent this my way, I stuffed it in the back of my closet, it's been months. I can't wait to see her open this up on Christmas morning. Get it here: My Little Pony: The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset


When you have two little girls you can never have too many dolls. Especially after we fell in love with Belle from Disney's newest Beauty and the Beast. 


We are so late to the game when it comes to this incredible book. I think this book/movie/story is going to change lives and will have a great impact on the younger generation. We loved the movie so much and I can not wait to dive into this book with my girls. 


I love that my girls love My Little Pony, it was one of my favorite toys from when I was a little girl. So there's this whole nostalgic feeling that I get whenever I see them playing with their MLP dolls.  


Last but not least, Elena. I have loved having Elena of Avalor as a part of our lives. My girls love to watch her be adventurous and I am all for the inclusion of a Latina princess to the Disney lineup. If you have little girls that like to sing, then soundtracks are a great gift.